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Meet Our Staff

Staff Directory

Mrs. Amy Allred
Allred, Mrs. Amy
5th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. Brooke Alt
Alt, Mrs. Brooke
6th Grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. Brianna Baxter
Baxter, Mrs. Brianna
7th-8th Grade Math Teacher
Mrs. Charlyn Carson
Carson, Mrs. Charlyn
Food Manager
Mrs. Emily Clevenger
Clevenger, Mrs. Emily
5th - 6th Science Teacher
Mrs. Melissa Cline
Cline, Mrs. Melissa
Kindergarten Teacher
Miss Holly Eutsay
Eutsay, Miss Holly
Kindergarten Aide
Miss Tara Gilliam
Gilliam, Miss Tara
Title Teacher
Miss Tana Ginn
Ginn, Miss Tana
Prevention - A Beautiful Mind
Mr. Christian Glover
Glover, Mr. Christian
K-8 Music Teacher
Mrs. Danielle Glover
Glover, Mrs. Danielle
Business Manager
Mrs. Michele Gorman
Gorman, Mrs. Michele
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Mrs. Kami Haubiel
Haubiel, Mrs. Kami
Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Renee Hoffman
Hoffman, Mrs. Renee
5th - 6th Math Teacher
Miss Ariana Hull
Hull, Miss Ariana
K-8 Art Teacher
Miss Nivene Hutchins
Hutchins, Miss Nivene
3rd Grade Teacher
Mr. Jim Jameson
Jameson, Mr. Jim
Mrs. Chelsea Johnson
Johnson, Mrs. Chelsea
Night Custodian
Mr. Jon Johnson
Johnson, Mr. Jon
Facilities Manager
Mr. Dan Jones
Jones, Mr. Dan
7th - 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. Gretchen Jones
Jones, Mrs. Gretchen
Building Secretary
Mrs. Grace Larsen
Larsen, Mrs. Grace
7th - 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Miss Katlyn Leon
Leon, Miss Katlyn
2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Shayla Logan
Logan, Mrs. Shayla
Intervention and Engagement Specialist
Ms. Kaitlyn Marett
Marett, Ms. Kaitlyn
Kindergarten Aide
Mr. Mike McPeek
McPeek, Mr. Mike
Prevention Coordinator
Mrs. Marilyn McQuillen
McQuillen, Mrs. Marilyn
School Nurse
Mr. Ryan Oliver
Oliver, Mr. Ryan
K-8th Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Ann Pfister
Pfister, Mrs. Ann
Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Sue Rothacher
Rothacher, Mrs. Sue
Title Teacher
Mrs. Skylar Rowe
Rowe, Mrs. Skylar
Cafeteria Assistant
Ms. Cassaundra Shafer
Shafer, Ms. Cassaundra
Building Substitute
Mrs. Britany Shannon
Shannon, Mrs. Britany
3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Sarah Sherk
Sherk, Mrs. Sarah
4th Grade Teacher
Miss Emily Smollen
Smollen, Miss Emily
Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Heather Stankovich
Stankovich, Mrs. Heather
2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Tom Thompson
Thompson, Mr. Tom
Day Custodian
Ms. Cindy Tishue
Tishue, Ms. Cindy
7th-8th Grade Science Teacher
Miss Lelu Vandenberg
Vandenberg, Miss Lelu
Dance Teacher
Mrs. Angel Vega
Vega, Mrs. Angel
4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Liz Voytko
Voytko, Mrs. Liz
1st Grade Teacher
Mr. Scott Will
Will, Mr. Scott
Mrs. Amy Zappone
Zappone, Mrs. Amy
1st Grade Teacher