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Transportation: Student Behavior

In general, students are expected to behave on the bus as they would in a classroom.  Reasonable conversation is permitted; however, noise should be kept to a minimum.  A driver may request silence for the entire bus in order to gain control of the students. The following are rules for Mansfield City Schools Transportation.  Students transported by other school districts must follow their specific rules or may be denied transportation.**

  • All pupils should enter and exit by the front door except during an emergency.
  • Complete silence shall be maintained at railroad crossings and other points of danger.
  • Students shall remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  • Seat saving will NOT be permitted. Pupils will be requested to sit three to a seat when necessary. Drivers will have assigned seating.
  • Pupils should hold their belongings or place them on the floor below their seat. The aisle must be kept clear.
  • No part of the body or any objects should be placed out of the window.
  • Glass containers will not be permitted.
  • No eating or drinking will be permitted.
  • No drugs, alcohol or tobacco will be permitted on the bus.
  • Profane language will NOT be permitted.
  • No water or shaving cream fights will be permitted.
  • No book bags will be permitted the last two of school.
  • Pupils will be expected to help keep the bus clean. Please place paper in the trash containers provided.
  • Aerosol cans are NOT permitted on the bus.
  • In accordance with the State Law, parents will be held fully responsible for any damage done to the bus by their children.
  • Children are not permitted to touch other children.
* * The above items are a general, but not complete listing of expected behavior. Questions on any of the above will be answered by the driver or the transportation office.

Transportation: Eligibility

By state law, the school district in which you reside is required to transport your child to The Richland School of Academic Arts.  Each district has their own guidelines allowed within the law to determine eligibility. Once you are registered as a student at TRSAA and have completed enrollment papers including the Transportation Form, it is your responsibility to contact your school district of residence setting up bus transportation as well as getting appropriate numbers and times.

Student residents of the Mansfield City School District may not be transported if it is determined (according to the Mansfield School Board’s guidelines) that your student is within walking distance.

Transportation: Closings and Delays

Current List of Closings and Delays

Each year there is a possibility that the schools will be forced to close for such emergencies as bad weather, equipment failures, etc. ALL SCHOOLS DO NOT NECESSARILY CLOSE IN WEATHER SITUATIONS OR POWER OUTAGES.  In such cases, the transportation supervisor will notify radio stations, which will start broadcasting the announcement at about 6:15 AM. If you have access to a computer you can visit for school closures and delays.  

Delays and cancellations are never easy for families as they are not convenient and break the normal day to day cycle. Our first preference is to stay open. The majority of the time, relative to weather, we will follow what our city partner schools are doing. There will be times when we do not. The best way to follow delays and cancellations for RSAA would be to sign up for WMFD text alerts, follow the alerts on Richland Source or opt into our new schoolwide notification system. The new notification system requires you to "opt in". You opt in the system by opening a blank test message, type "yes" in the message area and send to the number 87569. Attendance alerts, newsletters and important school information will be communicated through this new messaging system. If you need help setting the system up, please contact the office and we will help you.  

It is highly recommended that parents make advance arrangements for their child/children’s care in case school is closed, early release or delayed opening.

Your child’s bus transportation will follow the calendar of your district of residence. For example, if you reside in the Shelby School District and Shelby Schools are closed, your child will NOT be transported by the Shelby bus that day.  IF YOUR RESIDENT DISTRICT IS NOT TRANSPORTING STUDENTS, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO TRANSPORT YOUR STUDENT TO AND FROM SCHOOL THAT PARTICULAR DAY.