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Lock Down Notice

Lock Down Notice

Date:  March 1, 2012

Dear Parent/Guardian:

In accordance with state law, all schools in Ohio must conduct an annual lock down safety drill.  This drill, much like fire and tornado drills, is designed to protect the safety of our students and staff by preparing them to respond calmly and effectively in the case of a real emergency.

What is a lock down?

A school lock down is a procedure whereby students, staff and authorized visitors gather in classrooms or other secure areas, lock doors and windows, turn out lights, huddle out of sight, and remain quiet.

What is the reason for a lock down?

A lock down is intended to provide additional security, isolation and protection of students and staff in the event of an intruder or other potential threat inside the school.

What happens in a lock down?

Students and adults are required to immediately clear halls and other open spaces and go to the closest classroom or other area that provides cover.  Teachers and staff lock doors and windows, turn out lights, and huddle occupants out of sight.  It is important for students to remain calm and quiet, and to follow staff members’ instructions at all times.

How has the school prepared for lock downs?

School administrators, teachers and staff have received detailed instructions on conducting lock downs.  Teachers have explained the lock down procedures to students using age-appropriate language (to avoid frightening children).   All students, teachers and staff will practice lock downs through the process of annual drill.

What can parents do?

It is essential that parents and their children take emergency preparedness very seriously.  Parents may wish to discuss the lock down procedures, reasons for lock downs, and the practice drill with their children.  Please call the school office for more information and ways to further prepare students (especially young children) for school lock downs.

How would parents be notified in the case of a real lock down or other serious incident?

The school may use one or more means of communication, depending on availability and the nature of the incident.  Communication options include the district website, telephone, and/or news media.  Parents should make sure that the school has current phone numbers at all times. Also, please sign up with for text alerts for Richland Academy School of Excellence.  We will send an alert if there is a lock down giving you instructions on how to get your children after the event.  

What is the school doing to prevent intruders from coming in?

The school has a designated entrance for visitors; other doors are locked during the school day.

Our best defense against intruders is vigilance.  Adults and students who see any suspicious person, observe behavior that causes concern, or hear of any threat, should notify an administrator right away.